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HDMI / SDI Feed via USB Device - Setup Guide

To stream an HDMI or SDI feed using a computer, a USB capture device is required. This is a hardware device that receives an HDMI or SDI feed and presents it to a computer as a USB video & audio source, which can be used across a multitude of apps - much like a webcam. Widely used capture devices include the Blackmagic Web Presenter and AJA U-Tap.

Common use cases for USB capture devices include:

  • receiving a feed from a breakout box in an edit suite
  • receiving a feed directly from a camera
  • receiving a feed from VT / Playback on set

The vast majority of USB capture devices will work as long as they are compatible with your operating system and support the resolution and framerate of the HDMI or SDI source you want to stream. See a list of popular USB capture devices here.


  • a Louper account (sign up here)
  • Mac or PC with 4-core CPU and 16GB RAM (8-core CPU recommended)
  • a USB capture device (learn more)
  • Internet connection with upload and download speeds of at least 10mbps (ethernet recommended)