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About Louper StreamConnect


Louper StreamConnect is currently in beta. We're inviting our community to dive in, try out our apps, and share your experiences. Your involvement is key as we refine and enhance our offerings. Let's build something great together!

Louper StreamConnect is a dedicated app designed for Apple devices to provide users with an optimized viewing experience of video streams from Louper. It serves as a viewer-centric platform for those who want a dedicated stream-viewing solution on their Apple devices.

Key Features

  • Native Viewing Experience: Offers a clear and focused view of livestreams on Apple devices.

  • Second Screen Capability: Can be used in tandem with the Louper web app. For instance, you can view a stream on an Apple TV while using the collaborative features of Louper in the web browser.

What It Isn't

  • Not a Full Replacement: StreamConnect is primarily for viewing. The comprehensive collaborative tools, like video conferencing and on-screen drawing, are available only in the Louper web app.

Ideal Use

Use StreamConnect for a dedicated viewing experience on Apple devices. For the full suite of collaboration tools, continue using the Louper web app in your browser.

Getting started with StreamConnect