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Avid Media Composer SRT

Avid Media Composer 2022.4 and later supports streaming via SRT, meaning you can stream from Media Composer to a Louper room directly, without needing to use NDI in combination with LDE. A Media Composer Ultimate or Enterprise license is required to enable SRT output.


This is not yet an officially supported workflow, and stream quality and user experience may be impacted. The bitrate settings in the Avid SRT plugin, even when set to Low, are excessively high and put undue pressure on the connections of all Louper participants. Feel free to refer to our official Avid Media Composer setup guide.

1. Set Louper room streaming protocol to SRT

  • In your dashboard at, open Room Settings Streams
  • In the Streaming Protocol dropdown, select SRT
  • Click Save changes
  • In the Stream keys changed modal, click View stream keys (or click the More button (three dots) of your room Stream keys)
  • Click the copy button to copy the SRT URL to your clipboard and paste it below

2. Make SRT URL compatible with Media Composer

Paste the SRT URL into the box below:

The table below will be updated with the correct values.

3. Enter SRT information into Media Composer and start streaming

  • Open Media Composer
  • Right-click the HW/SW button
  • Click `SRT` → `Configure` and enter the information as follows:
Stream name
  • Click OK
  • Right-click the HW/SW button, click SRT Select
  • Click the HW/SW button in Media Composer to enable output, you should see a red flashing arrow to indicate that the output is live
  • The stream should now be visible in your Louper room
  • Click the HW/SW button again to stop streaming