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Software Encoders

For best performance and easiest setup, we recommend you stream using LDE (our customised version of the industry-standard streaming software OBS). Setup guides for LDE can be found here.

If you would like to stream using different streaming software, please make sure that the software supports:

  • RTMP or SRT streaming protocols
  • H264 / x264 video
  • AAC or Opus audio
  • Ability to set B frames to 0
  • Ability to set Keyframe Interval of 2 or less

Tested Encoders

  • LDE
  • OBS
  • Streamlabs-OBS
  • Wirecast

Untested Encoders

If you have used one of the below applications with Louper, please let us know.

  • vMix
  • VidBlasterX
  • XSplit Broadcaster
  • mimoLive

To work with Louper, the stream you send must use H264 video with AAC or Opus audio and be encoded with zero B-frames and a Keyframe Interval of 2 or less.