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HDMI / SDI via Blackmagic Hardware - Setup Guide

An HDMI or SDI feed can be streamed using Blackmagic hardware (eg. Decklink SDI 4K, UltraStudio HD Mini). LDE, our destkop streaming app, includes native support for Blackmagic hardware. This means that you can send an SDI or HDMI signal out of your Blackmagic hardware and back into your Blackmagic hardware (creating a loop), and then stream that signal to your Louper room. You can also use your Blackmagic hardware as input-only, depending on your signal path and setup.

Colorists in particular use this workflow to stream a signal from DaVinci Resolve to their Louper rooms.

This setup guide is for you if:

  • You are using Blackmagic hardware to monitor an SDI or HDMI signal
  • Your Blackmagic hardware has SDI or HDMI inputs
  • You are able to feed an SDI or HDMI signal into your Blackmagic hardware either from the same hardware device (creating a loop) or from a different device (eg. an SDI loop-through from a broadcast monitor)


  • a Louper account (sign up here)
  • Mac or PC with 8-core CPU and 16GB memory (32GB memory recommended)
  • Internet connection with upload and download speeds of at least 10mbps - ethernet recommended

  • Blackmagic hardware that has HDMI or SDI inputs