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Scenes & sources

In LDE, sources refers to the individual video and audio sources that constitute your stream.

Scenes are collections of sources. You can add multiple sources to a scene and control the layout and appearance of them within a scene. You can easily switch between different scenes while you are streaming, to show participants exactly what you want, when you want.

For example, you can use two scenes when streaming an edit session: one scene to show your fullscreen output monitor, and another scene to show both your full GUI interface.

Create a custom scene, then switch between scenes‚Äč

Let's create a custom scene that shows multiple sources. For demonstation purposes, in the video below we will have two scenes: one that shows only the program output from Premiere Pro, and another that shows both the program output and the timeline from Premiere Pro. Then, we'll switch between the two scenes whilst streaming. The same method can be used to create scenes for a variety of use cases.

  • Click the + button at the bottom of the Scenes panel to add a new scene.
  • Enter a descriptive scene name and click OK
  • Add the required sources one by one. In this case we need two sources: the NDI feed from Premiere Pro, and the computer screen that contains our Premiere Pro timeline
  • In the canvas (where the content from the sources is displayed), you can resize a source by:
    • clicking and dragging one of the red squares on the source's bounding box; or
    • right-clicking on the source, hovering over Transform in the dropdown menu, and then selecting the required transform. Often this will be 'Fit to screen'.
  • Crop a source by holding the Option/Alt key on your keyboard and clicking and dragging one of the red squares on the source's bounding box
  • Move a source into position by clicking and dragging it
  • Reorder scenes by clicking the up and down arrows at the buttom of the Scenes panel
  • To switch between scenes, simply click the scene you would like to show in the Scenes panel. You can switch scenes whilst streaming.