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LBS is now LDE (Louper Desktop Encoder)

June 2024

LBS, as it was once called, has been renamed to LDE (Louper Desktop Encoder). We have done this, at the request of the OBS Project, to avoid confusion between the applications LBS (now LDE) and OBS. OBS is the industry standard, open source desktop software for live encoding, and LDE is a customized version of OBS.

We provide LDE for the sake of convenience - it has a more compact UI, advanced connection quality stats, and requires less clicks to get up and running than OBS. Louper has always been, and will continue to be, compatible with third-party encoding hardware and software - including OBS. Many of our customers use hardware encoders to stream to their Louper rooms, and some power users even use OBS to stream to Louper. We also have proprietary Louper encoding apps that require no third-party tools to stream to your Louper rooms.

LDE is, like OBS, free and open source software. To request a copy of the source code, please email