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Firewall Access Rules

If you are behind a firewall that is restricting access to Louper, please ask your network administrator to allow access to the following domains and ports on your network:


There are dynamic subdomains in addition to the above that may be required. We strongly recommend allowing all subdomains on your firewall (eg. *


For traffic to and from all domains listed above

  • TCP 80
  • TCP + UDP 443
  • TCP 3334
  • TCP + UDP 3478
  • TCP 7881
  • UDP 7882
  • UDP 10006
  • UDP 50000-60000
  • TCP + UDP 19302

For RTMP streaming from client to *

  • TCP 1935

For SRT streaming from client to *

  • UDP 9999

UDP Hole-Punching

Please ensure UDP hole-punching is enabled, or disable symmetric NAT. This helps machines behind the firewall establish a direct connection to Louper servers.


Access can be tested using the Connection Tester. For further help or troubleshooting, contact Louper support.