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LBS "There was a problem starting the stream"

If you receive an error message in LBS such as "There was a problem starting the stream. The Stream Key you are using may already be in use on another machine that is currently streaming, or may no longer be valid." this could be due to one of the following reasons:

LBS Stream Key error

Case 1: Stream Key is in use on another machine that is currently streaming

Reason: Only one Stream Key can be used at a time. Streaming from multiple machines using the same Stream Key is unsupported.

Solution: Ensure that no other machines are currently streaming using the same stream key. This can occur if you have shared your stream key with others, or have setup multiple machines to use the same stream key. Sometimes, users accidentally leave a stream running on a machine. In this instance, you will need to stop the stream in LBS on the other machine first before you are able to stream.

Case 2: Stream Key is no longer valid

Reason: The Stream Key you have entered into LBS may no longer be valid, or the stream time limit may have been reached.

Solution: Double check that your Stream Key in LBS matches the Stream Key of the room you are trying to stream to at

Case 3: Server issues

Reason: If you have double checked that your Stream Key is correct and that no one else is using the same Stream Key at the same time as you, there may be a server-side problem.

Solution: Check out or status page for updates or contact